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Bears of Whitewater

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Lisa Loucks Christenson's wildlife documentary (still in progress) on the Black Bears of Whitewater.

Author: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Series: of Whitewater™

Publisher: White Wolf Creek™ & Loucks Studios, Inc.

Release: N/A (in progress)

In 2007, while on her foot trail to her eagle project, Lisa was walking through a blinding field of canary grass when three things happened that forever changed her perception of black bears:

1. She walked into a small black bear she didn’t see in the thick foliage

2. She watched as the bear ran in the opposite direction

3. Over that first summer (and years that followed) she documented her observations

That was the beginning of this story. Every encounter with the bears of Whitewater, thereafter, is written and photographed, and recorded into Lisa’s Bears of Whitewater™️ documentary.

This is the ongoing adventures, observations of the black bears in the Whitewater Valley, as seen and filmed by Lisa, as she covers her outdoor beat.

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