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Donnie Destin™ in Worm Moon

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Donnie Destin™ in Worm Moon

Author: Written and Illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Donnie Destin™ is a character created by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Cover Illustration: ©️2015 Lisa Loucks Christenson

Publisher:  Loucks Studios, Inc.

Series Descriptor: In the blufflands of Minnesota, a few feet west from the shores of the Mississippi River stands a legendary hero, his name is Donnie Destin. These are Donnie Destins adventures in the old wild west.

Language: English
Title in this Series: Worm Moon
Number in Series: Book One
Series Name: SHORE TO FIND Series

There was once a town, a place where the people on the west side of the Mississippi River settled in by the boat load, a place they called Minnesota's Hollywood because of the mixture of settlers and their stories. Many of the people stayed for only one season, but those who endured the elements became strong in heart and soul, people who didn't buckle under the destruction of spring floods. They were settlers, who, like their ancestors endured many seasons of the ruggedness of their land, through talk of a lake monster, through unseasonably cool summers, winter blizzards, and worse.

There was a hero of sorts among them. He was no ordinary man. His face shone like the morning sunlight hitting the snow on the west bluffs; his heart and emotions ran deep, like ravines carved deep into the depths of his heartbeat from every heartbreak. There was never a man more deeply-loved or revered, he was truly a legend in the making a self appointed sheriff of sorts and his name was Donnie Destin. He deputized his best friend Paul Pego, a small man who could handle just about any outlaw.

That was the way it was for a long time, but that was before the day of the snowquake that happened on the night of the worm moon; an event that changed everything they believed about their speck of town, just north of Whitewater Falls, and just a horse trot away from Beaver, nestled in the limestone bluffs.

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